The Republican debate formula

The Republican debate formula

By Steve Banko

 Editor’s Note: Back when I kicked off this blog I mentioned that I would occasionally include guest commentaries because they “add some spice” to the blog. This commentary is written by Steve Banko. Steve’s political experience goes back as far as mine, and includes service in City Hall, in state government and with the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. Steve is a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran who often gives speeches on service to the country.

While the commentators didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory Wednesday night, the questions they asked were largely ignored once Ted Cruz used his prepared diatribe to attack the commentators in particular and the media in general.

Anyone paying remote attention during the last twenty years will recognize the disintegration of serious news. Where once we looked to the news media to tell the truth, we now turn to our favor channel to hear the opinions we agree with. Continue reading

Schneiderman defers on politics to concentrate on investigations; some other national and Erie County political stuff

National Public Radio’s Albany affiliate had an interesting story last week that appears to apply to a hot political topic in Western New York, but it didn’t seem to get any attention here. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is deferring on personal political activities and emphasizing his office’s work in conducting investigations into potential illegal activities of public officials. Schniderman’s office, of course, is a major player in the investigation of the political activities of Steve Pigeon, Steve Casey and Chris Grant that was the subject of the raids on their homes last May. Continue reading