Langworthy hustled while Paladino coasted on his poll

Full disclosure after eating crow.  Boy, was I ever wrong about the results in the NY23 Republican primary.  I thought that MAGA bombast would trump political organization.

There is some small consolation in knowing that a whole lot of other political participants and observers also got it wrong.  It was close, but our projections were way off.

My long-time friend Len Lenihan got it right.  He told me three weeks ago that Nick Langworthy’s organizational skills and support from other party leaders would lead to a win.

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Democrats have a solid record heading into the mid-term elections

With New York’s primary-a-rama ending on the date of this posting and other states’ primaries pretty much wrapped up, it is time to focus on the main event, the midterms.

Stating the obvious, Democrats have been navigating a bumpy road the past few months.  With a Senate divided 50-50, and a House Majority at the outset of the term offering just a four-vote margin, nothing was going to be easy in Washington.  President Joe Biden’s low polling numbers have made it even more complicated.

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