Another fall at ECC

Here we are again. Fall in Western New York – a beautiful time of the year.

But not everyone likes Fall. At Erie Community College (aka SUNY Erie), things are not so great this Fall. Student enrollment for this semester at the College is down again.

It’s not like this is something new. It’s unfortunately part of a continuing pattern, which has seen a substantial drop in enrollment in the past several years. For a school that is heavily dependent on students’ tuition payments, the continuous drop puts a severe strain on revenues, which can then impact the availability and quality of program offerings. Continue reading

A revised political calendar creates a quicker pace for a State Senate race

Chris Jacobs is a candidate for Congress in NY27. There will be a Republican primary for that seat in June 2020 with two other candidates already declared. Incumbent Chris Collins is still a possible contestant. It will be multi-million dollar affair.

In the meantime Jacobs is still a member of the State Senate, representing the 60th District. There is still more than 60 percent of Jacobs’s two-year term remaining before a new senator arrives in Albany in January 2021. One of the other contenders in NY27 is Senator Robert Ortt, who would also give up his current office if he runs for Congress. Continue reading

The Bishop as politician

As one news day rolls into the next the Buffalo News and many, many television and radio newscasts have become swamped with stories concerning the investigations of clergy accused of pedophilia and sexual abuse in Western New York. Increasingly the focus has expanded to the handling of such issues by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. The face of the Diocese, Bishop Richard Malone, has been at the eye of the storm.

Pretty much all stories manage to work in a comment about how the scandals go back decades, with the Diocese under the management of several bishops over that time. That being said, Bishop Malone is the man in charge now. Continue reading