Football excitement is back

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year!

Even the Bills’ loss to New England on Saturday can’t take away the luster of a very good football season in Buffalo. It’s been quite a ride, with one game to go against the New York Jets.

Ten and five with one to play in this year’s NFL is a pretty good mark. Only seven teams have a better record.  Nine teams have had middling results, within one game of playing just .500 football. Continue reading

On being the most conservative candidate in NY27

It’s interesting to watch all the posturing that is going on in New York’s 27th Congressional District as voters wait to elect a new member of the House of Representatives.  Oh, the excitement!

We are about to watch a congressional doubleheader: a special election and a primary election conducted concurrently for the same congressional seat, left vacant by convicted felon Chris Collins.  The special election will happen sometime in the next few weeks or months while the Republican (and Democratic?) primary will begin with petitioning in February and conclude on June 23rd. Continue reading

The Public Campaign Financing Commission issues its report

The rule in politics and government always is, if you have something to announce that does not look or smell too good, you drop it on Friday evening or around a holiday. That’s what was expected from the state Public Campaign Financing Commission which originally said that it would issue their report on the day before after Thanksgiving.  But that didn’t happen.  Nor was it released on Thanksgiving or on the weekend after.  It arrived, finally, late on Sunday, December first.

The Commission, composed of seven Democratic appointees and two Republicans, has recommended a system for the public financing of statewide and state legislative campaigns beginning with the 2024 elections, recommendations, it says, “which have the force of law.” Continue reading