The O’Donnell for New York committee

Running for public office can be a difficult proposition. A potential candidate has to commit him or herself to the grind of the campaign – endless hours and public scrutiny. A campaign team needs to be assembled. And depending on the office, money, sometimes lots of money, needs to be raised.

Denise O’Donnell had by 2004 (and continues to have) a distinguished legal career that has included work in private and public practice. She served in the 1990’s as the Western District of New York United States Attorney, held a state criminal justice position and more recently has been a member of the staff of the United States Justice Department. Senator Charles Schumer recommended her appointment as a federal District Judge but the Obama White House never formally nominated her and she withdrew as a candidate for the position. Continue reading

As tax reform moves along, will Collins and other Reps side with their constituents or with Trump and Ryan?

As we move past the inauguration festivities and on to the really important stuff, one of the main federal issue that rises high on the agenda is tax reform. Okay, I know, some people in Washington, like lyin’ Don in the Oval Office, have not seriously moved on yet. Just pretend that there are more important things than counting the millions who attended the inauguration and who voted illegally for Hillary Clinton. Continue reading