Talking football – how far will the Bills go in 2022?

In the middle of a very hot summer, the Bills’ training camp opened this week.  You can almost feel the fall air.

I’m not going to get into what defensive end is on the bubble or which receiver does not have much of a chance to make the roster.  The Buffalo News sports department has been in overdrive with that sort of stuff for weeks now.

What’s really fascinating for most Bills fans is the heady feeling that something really good might be happening this year.  Years of wide-right, no-goal (ok, that was a hockey game), Tennessee miracle, and 13 seconds have tempered most of us.  Like it or not, fans need for this season to proceed on a game-by-game, week-by-week basis.

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July campaign financials; Kennedy’s eye-popping numbers; spending priorities in the 23rd district

The August 23rd congressional and state Senate primaries are just five weeks away.  The general election has 11 weeks to go.  We now have some data points to assess where the candidates are positioned.

The Hochul/Delgado versus Zeldin/Esposito race is set.  The Working Families Party has nominated Hochul and Delgado.  The Conservative line will be occupied by Zeldin and Esposito.  There will also be candidates for governor and lieutenant governor on the ballot who qualified via independent petitions.  The independent candidates will not be elected in November, but they are competing for a consolation prize:  if they can reach the required total vote threshold they will qualify as an established party in the state for the next two years.  The gubernatorial ticket must receive either 130,000 votes or at least two percent of the total vote for governor, whichever is greater.

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