The local political battles of 2017

As Tip O’Neill once famously said, “all politics is local.” Well, not exactly, but in 2017 it sure is.

Coming in 2017 there is a wide variety of local elections in Erie County and Western New York. Among them are races for Mayor of Buffalo; Erie County Comptroller; Erie County Sheriff; Erie County Clerk; two State Supreme Court seats; the Erie County Surrogate Judge; and dozens of town offices, some of which might rise to prominence during the course of the year. Here’s a more detailed review. Continue reading

Party bases in turmoil

The 2016 election has settled officeholders in place for two to four years. What the election did not do, however, was to create well-organized, efficient and ready-for-the-long-term structures. This is true for both parties.

The Republicans are clearly dominant in national and state politics, holding the presidency, Congress, and at some point in 2017, the Supreme Court. The party holds 33 governorships and a large majority of state legislative chambers. Continue reading