On to November, with perhaps the clearest choice ever

After the countless rallies, debates, and commercials for 22 presidential candidates, after what seems like an eternity of primaries and caucuses, we are finally down to our final choices for President of the United States. Perhaps the one thing that they can agree on is that this is the clearest choice between the Democratic and Republican candidates in the last fifty years, or perhaps forever. Continue reading

Trumpkins, Pigeonistas, the Erie County Water Authority — the gangs that can’t shoot straight

Boy, this has been a fun and interesting week for politicos. Mostly in the same way that you cannot quite stop yourself from looking as you pass a car wreck.

All things Trump

Where to begin? How about the first session of the Republican National Convention on Monday?

The dust-up about Melania Trump’s speech and the plagiarism issue has encouraged dozens of memes on the internet. I enjoyed how the networks worked the plagiarized quotes into a split screen – sort of like one of the albums where they merge the vocals of current and former singers into a nice duet. Continue reading