Two quite different views of the Buffalo Public School System – where does that leave parents and students?

When reviewing news about things that are important in Western New York our educational systems are right at the top of the list.  The largest district, which usually draws the most attention, is the Buffalo Public School System (BPS).

With a student population of approximately 30,000 students and an annual budget of nearly one billion dollars, the Buffalo System dwarfs all other Western New York school districts.  Given the high poverty rate in Buffalo, the District has many challenges well beyond those of the more financially and socially stable suburban and rural districts.

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What we know thus far about the Republican campaign for governor

By virtue of her virtually limitless energy approach to the job, the people of the State of New York are coming to know a great deal about Governor Kathy Hochul.  Seemingly nonstop events from Long Island to Niagara Falls; the State of the State message; the presentation of her proposed 2022-2023 state budget; and the release of campaign financial reports have flooded the media with facts and commentary about the governor.  There is still a state Democratic Convention and a primary coming up with two challengers in the race, but it is hard to deny that we have a fairly good picture of Hochul’s priorities and where she wants to take the state.

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