Reapportionment – coming soon to your neighborhood

There are a lot of issues thrown around these days concerning the United States Constitution.  Like during the second impeachment trial of the 45th president, when some Republicans claimed that you cannot impeach a president who is out of office, bi-partisan constitutional scholarship to the contrary.  Or like when a president incites an armed mob to attack the United States Capitol – that’s not a constitutional high crime and misdemeanor according to the 43 senators who voted to acquit “the former guy,” Joe Biden’s nickname for his predecessor.

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Votes on impeachment, Greene and the Biden financial rescue bill will define the Republican Party; Andrew Cuomo has some problems

Another year, another impeachment vote.  The wreckage of the Trump administration and Trump’s extremist Republican defenders in the United States Senate will leave this country in unsettled political turmoil for years to come.

So will the cowardly position of the majority of the party’s members in the House of Representatives who supported wacka-doodle QAnon Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

And so will upcoming votes on President Joe Biden’s COVID relief package, which is designed to deal with the pandemic and the related financial, physical and mental pain that the virus has spread throughout the country.

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