Make America Great Again

Now that Bernie Sanders has ended his campaign and endorsed Joe Biden I’ve been thinking about the 2020 Democratic presidential campaign as it shifts into high gear.

The campaign needs to lay out the full range of facts. And yes, there are lots and lots of facts – real, objective, poke-and-see-it facts that can be the easily established.  We need for those facts to serve as the basis for an honest discussion of what will get this country back on the right track.

Given that, I am suggesting that the bumper sticker version of the campaign be made as simple anBlue cap Make Great Againd understandable as possible. My suggestion is “Make America Great Again.”

I have even come up with a novelty item for the campaign.

We can get back to the paraphernalia later, but let’s get to the themes that can make this campaign run.

We can make America great again by ensuring that our democracy survives and grows by making it easier in this day and age to vote – our most basic of rights.

We can make America great again by electing a president in 2020 who respects and follows the Constitution and the laws of this country, who treats people with respect and who puts the national interests above personal interests.

We can make America great again by restoring the country’s image through leadership, promotion of democratic principles and freedom that once stood for America’s reputation worldwide.

We can make America great again by aligning America’s interest with freedom loving nations that we have worked with over many generations, while treating the autocrats and dictators who have interfered with our elections and do not share our values as the adversaries they are.

We can make America great again by recognizing that we are a nation of immigrants from all corners of the world who have collectively built this country, which is stronger because of that.

We can make America great again by putting our federal structure into working order, ensuring that leadership and resources come from Washington, but utilizing the on-the-ground creativity and public service that is best delivered on a state-by-state, locality-by-locality basis.

We can make America great again by recognizing that climate change is real and that we can only protect the planet by recognizing that we all share responsibility for a safer and healthier world.

We can make America great again by ensuring that rational, science-based regulations of the environment are necessary to protect this country for generations to come.

We can make America great again by understanding and resolving to start correcting the reality that our current system of taxation and federal government spending is tilted toward making the rich richer and the poor poorer, while we also attend to the needs of the middle class.

We can make America great again by accepting that the richest country in the world has an obligation to make proper health care available to all as a right, not a matter of how rich you are or where (or if) you work.

We can make America great again by figuring out how to improve educational opportunities for everyone by aiding schools and by getting all parents engaged in their children’s futures.

We can make America great again by supporting locally produced and managed news gathering and investigation operations to keep governments and schools accountable and to facilitate public participation.

We can make America great again by recognizing that there are objective facts that exist to explain and help understand the issues of the day, and that the talking heads of the nation, no matter their intelligence or personal political slants, are just offering their opinions, not supplying us with factual information.

We can make America great again by honoring the right of all American to worship, or not, as they please, without harassment or discrimination.

We can make America great again by recognizing that the children are our future and that all adults have an obligation to set good examples for them.

We can make America great again by taking the lessons we are learning from our current crises and applying them to our future civic behavior.

So let’s all join in. We will someday, hopefully soon, be through with the crisis this country and world are now facing.  We must all do our part by being socially smart and careful while looking out for our families, friends and neighbors.  Together we can make America great again.

4 thoughts on “Make America Great Again

  1. So our fearless leader is going to authorize states to open when they want to, which is the plan anyway.
    I think to cement his legacy he should also do the following:
    1. Authorize the sun to rise in the east and set in the west
    2. Authorize the ocean tides to ebb and flow as dictated by the tug of the moon
    3. Authorize all objects, animate and inanimate to follow the law of gravity


  2. WOW!!!! Thank you Ken! I have chills. Please send that to Biden and Perez – Dems need to use this nationally.
    Love to all ~ Theo


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